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Thank you for your interest in AASCU's Excellence and Innovation Awards.

If you have not used our submission system before, please click the link below. You will be prompted to create a profile when you begin the application process.

Please Click Here to Create and Submit an Entry.


  • You may save and edit your application until you submit the final version.
  • Final applications must be submitted by May 14, 2021.
  • Should you have questions about an award or award category, please contact: 

  • Campus Pandemic Response Award - Faozia Pio, Division Coordinator, Academic Innovation and Transformation at piof@aascu.org or (202) 478-4679
  • Civic Learning and Community Engagement Award - Felice Nudelman, Associate Vice President, Academic Innovation & Transformation at nudelmanf@aascu.org or (202) 478-4831
  • International Education - Jody Dixon, Program Coordinator, Global Initiatives at dixonj@aascu.org or (202) 478-7814
  • Leadership Development and Diversity - Kathleen Scott, Vice President, Leadership Development and Partnerships at scottk@aascu.org or (202) 478-4644
  • The Christa McAuliffe Excellence in Teacher Education - Faozia Pio, Division Coordinator, Academic Innovation and Transformation at piof@aascu.org or (202) 478-4679
  • Regional and Economic Development - Erika Thompson, Director, Grants Resource Center at thompsone@aascu.org or (202) 478-4713
  • Student Success and College Completion - Robin Ellis, Executive Director, Student Success at ellisr@aascu.org or (202) 478-7839
  • Sustainability and Sustainable Development -  Mia Williams, Associate Vice President, Membership mwilliams@aascu.org or (202) 478-4645